How do I handle my ex & my best friend being together? Will they last?

This just drives me crazy because I shared EVERYTHING with her, and now I'm wondering if I just shot myself in the foot because now she might be the perfect girlfriend for him and they're both just going to rub it in my face. They even act like they're going to get married and it's really getting under my skin. She knows I'm not over him yet...she also knows I thought he was the one at one point. I'm hurting so much...


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  • Your best friend is blatantly a total back stabbing bitch and you shouldn't even talk to her. If one of my friends, not even my best friend did that to me I would never talk to them again and plan in my mind horrible things I could do to them. Tell her you're not speaking to her and she should completely forget about you because what she did/is doing is completely out of order and no one with any manners would ever do it.

    • Yeah, I cut off the friendship, but it wasn't easy. I've known her since we were like babies. I was just conflicted because she said I should be a good friend and just be understanding...that just because things didn't work out between me and the guy, doesn't mean it can't work out for her and that it might just be better and meant to be that way...

    • Well a friend shouldn't do what she did regardless of whether things would work out for her or not.

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  • You should not call this person a friend. She is nothing of the sort, I would tell them both to go to hell or examine what ended your relationship...was it conversing with your "friend"? yeah kick her ass and let him know what she is doing to you. He will not like it I can guarantee it, and if you play it right maybe will ditch her for you in a heartbeat.

    • Thank you for your support. I think this situation has made me reconsider what is OK to tell a friend. I found myself disappointed, because if you can't trust your friends, then who can you really turn to when you're low? It's made me quite wary atm. I just don't think I can retaliate because I feel like it would make it worse. I'm wondering if he's enjoying this though, because he's the type of guy that thinks everyone likes him, and if they don't, then there's something wrong with them.

    • Anytime you know you deserve better. I'm just shocked at the level of treason that was inflicted on you if you ever need to talk I'm there. I've been there too.

  • Your ex is a douche and your former "friend" is a self serving traitorous bitch. That being said, don't get mad...get even. OK I don't usually give this kind of advice out but...

    Find out a girl that they both don't know and take her to a restaurant where you KNOW they are. Get a table and wait for them to notice you. Now hold hand a lot with the girl you're with and keep giggling and making subtle pointing refences to his crotch. Maybe snap a bread stick in half. Make it look like his package was so small and he was so lousy that it has driven you to women.

    Trust me this works. Actually it works better on women but what the hell.

    • I can't really picture myself doing something like this, I'm not a vengeful or showy type of person, but I have to admit this actually made me laugh, so thank you for that.

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