He said that if he needs to get a hold of me he knows how to contact me. Will he ever call me?

My Ex and I have been on and off for a year and a half now. but this time he was serious about us never ever getting back together forever is what he said. I even asked him but you just said you loved me the other day and then he said he does not want to marry me or have kids with me. I cried like a big baby and held on to his leg and he said your only pushing me further away and he doesn't want to have to call the cops on me. I know he is probably completely over me and probably has another girl. But I guess the fact that he said that if he needs to get a hold of me that he knows how to get a hold of me only makes me think that maybe One day he will call me. I want to hear a guys perspective on this one. The answer is probably NO but I'm curious on a guys perspective if they would break up with someone like this and if you said those words.
I think that you need to get over him and not worry. If he does call hopefully you will be over him while he starts begging and then he will realize how it feels one day.


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  • Depends if he can find someoen better for him than probably no, but it is possible that he will change his mind, anything is possible. If he does he will contact you , don't contact him

    • Thank You I will do my best not to contact him especially if he has another girl and he already thinks I am crazy. So I am staying strong and focusing on myself. It's hard when you Miss them and you know it can work but they just are not willing. Thanks again for your answer

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  • Lady you need help. You lack self respect and confidence in your own person. Did you read what you wrote? You are SO deperate for a relationship you hung onto his leg and he threatened to call the cops? PLUEZ

    Pick yourself up - turn around - walk away with your head up and realize you will never behave so desperately again. Why do you want to hang onto a relationship that makes you crazy and anxious. What exactly is it you are getting from this guy? And are you the only one giving in it? Sounds a lot like it.

    This relationship is over and the only thing left for you is to acknowledge it and regain your dignity by not pining for him or waiting by the phone for him to call. Even if he does - the way you two interact is one sided and inappropriate and it appears you don't think you deserve more respect from him - if you are begging.

    Is this what your father or mother would want for you? LEAVE NOW - He gets NO MORE time or attention from you. You are a powerful, decent and self-respecting women... now start acting like it.

    • Thank you for your advice

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