How do I let him know?

So I know that my guy is going to propose sometime soon. Don't care when, the fact that he implied it makes me so happy. ^_^ but here's the thing. His ex and a lot of the girls he dated in the past ruined the way he thinks of romance. Their idea is that the guy has to spend A LOT of money on the date or special occasions to make it romantic. So every once in a while he'll feel bad that he doesn't have a lot of money to take me to nice places (which I always tell him he doesn't have to do that), so I'm afraid that he's going to feel the need to spend a lot of money on this. I mean that's a nice gesture but it's NOT necessary. I want simple and thoughtful romantic. So how do I let him know that he doesn't need to spend a crazy amount on this...without straight up saying "this is what I would want"? Any ideas, how to be kind of sneaky about this would be helpful. (Note: whenever *I* bring up marriage and rings and all that, he changes the subject. it's only if he brings it up that he'll talk a tiny bit. also, please don't tell me that "why don't you propose". I asked what would he think if I proposed, he said without hesitation "NO! I'm the man I propose." If I could be the one to propose, I would.)


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  • plan your dates on activities that show him you aren't in it for the money expectation...where you eat, window shopping, outdoor stuff, etc

    • Ok. well we already do that. hahaha. yay! guess I'm doing everything right then. ^_^

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