Tech problem: No task bar. Help?

Okay I have no taskbar and no start button. Other than that my computer is running fine. I have Windows XP, not sure which version. It's not just dragged to the bottom so I can't see it; it's gone. Is there a way I can open it through the task manager? I've heard there's no process for the taskbar or the start button to appear.

Can you please help me?

Ps. I already tried all the no-brainer stuff like F11 and the Windows button.

Problem solved.


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  • The first thing I'd try would be system restore, back before it disappeared.

    If it doesn't work, then I'd get my windows XP CD and repair windows (all it does is make sure all the right files are there, replace them, etc).

    I got a trojan virus from sites I shouldn't have been looking at... it took away my cursor somehow, so I repaired Windows and my cursor's back.

    • It's the weirdest thing. I guess it just took a really, really long time to load. It's working now. It just appeared as I was looking for how to get to system restore without the start button.

      Even though I didn't end up using either of your suggestions I'll bet they would've worked. Thanks.

    • No prob. How weird though.

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  • It will be fixed.


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  • make sure you didn't click on the top of it and drag it down. It could just be resized to a smaller one. Try putting your mouse on the bottom of your screen clicking and resizing it up.

    • Do you not know how to read? I already tried that. It is GONE.

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    • It is none of those three things.


      That will be your best help guide at this point then. Your profile may have gotten corrupted. You can try making a new user account on your computer to see if it comes back. If everything is normal on your new account you will know its just something wrong with your current profile and not the computer.

  • Open command prompt and go to control panel and edit display settings. are you sure you didn't drag the start bar to the left/right/top of the screen? try doing those.


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