What's a good way to ask someone to homecoming?

What's a good way to ask someone to home coming? Someone you don't know?


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  • someone you don't know,it's better to streight out ask them. if you know them and know they will most likely say yes, then you can get more creative.

    since you don't know him though, I would say get to know him and streight up ask him because it will make things a lot less awkward (experience talking)

    for creative ideas (if you know him well enough), I decorated a girls locker, wrote songs to ask her to a dance, and then waled up with a flower and asked. but I had known these girls for a couple years at that point and it was noo big deal to them. this year I am almost sure she will say yes and I am going to write u+ me = homecoming on my body and show her at a football game because we used to put free hugs on our bodies and she enjoyed that.

    good luck and hope he says yes


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