She said she misses me, I miss her too, we live kind of far apart where do I go from here.

The other day I got a new number so I thought I'd be sneaky and text my ex because I still like her and everything, anyway after about 4 texts she knew who I was " because the way I talk and the things I say" apparently lol. anyway I pretended to be a random person named "phil" even though she knew it was me and played around with it a bit. I asked if she missed me at the end of our conversation and she said of course. But then she quickly said she had to go to work after that. Are her feelings for me coming back?


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  • I think you're over analyzing the situation. I don't know how long you guys dated or what not, but I know that every ex boyfriend I've ever had I will always have some sort of attraction and something that I'll always miss in him afterall you dated. Look to give her reasons to miss you more and want you back... if you want her back? Girls never want to be the one to chase the boy, text her sometime, something flirty maybe ask her if she wants to hang out with this phil guy sometime? Chances are if she's single she's be interested in seeig where this may lead, but give it times and don't jump into things.

    • K yeah at the end of our conversation she said talk to you later lol its been like 5 days and she hasn't talked to me. I sent her a facebook message yesterday a funny one to make her laugh or what ever and she never sent one back. Why is she ignoring me? If she does just want to be friends why would she ignore me.

  • I am guessing that you still have feelings for her and wanted to test her to see if she has.

    My ex boyfriend told me he missed me, but it means nothing as I am not with him anymore. They are only words and words can be easily said. It is actions that speak louder.

    She may well miss you, but when it was said, she suddenly said she had to go to work. It was like, she didn't exactly want to continue the path of conversation and maybe bring up old feelings, memories etc. They may be painful for her.

    I would treat it as friendship and nothing more. If you decide to contact her again, keep it casual, light and fun.


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