How do you people move on?

Share me some secrets on how to move on from a dude.


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  • Time and not talk to the other person.


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  • Look for new activities to entertain yourself like a drawing class or learning a language.

    Assuming the heartbreak is severe.

    But if just a friend or a crush, and you're just kind of use to him being there, you can start to slowly ease him out of your life, talk to him a little less each day, go a bit longer before replying to him. Take yourself for a 2hr walk and leave your phone at home. Just start embracing the world around you without him in it.

    In any case, be kind to yourself and know that it takes time.


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  • First accept that you two are not meant to be and it's over. Acceptance is the first step. Then try to focus on your goals and priorities. Spend time with family and friends.

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