She left me because she loved another man or because she had depression ?

I met my girlfriend eight months after she had divorced her husband. She had been dating and had just had a fling with her boss who had been a professional friend for sometime . I had been single for a while, had been traveling the world and had no compartments. She had two kids , a good job . She considered me to be a catch and couldn't believe how lucky she was. Her kids were great and we quickly settled easily into a lovingly and vibrant relationship. 12 months later she still couldn't believe her luck to have met a man with no issues after her disastrous marriage.

However by then her job had become stressful and and her boss and her seemed to spend too much time together. (we lived on a small island so some of this was to be expected). Everyday she would say she loved me and this seemed genuine and mutual. she would say that her boss was a great friend and that I had to get use to it on small island. she also then decided to have a tummy tuck which was successful (not my idea I should add). then just as stitching was healing she was diagnosed with breast cancer. a double mastectomy later but with implants she had become very depressed. work had become incredibly stressful and she spent more and more time with the boss who had now moved onto another job and was encouraging her to move with him. I felt that the cancer had brought us closer together and I felt that marriage was something that we could look forward to when she had recovered. however the boss thing was getting to the point that I had to make a stand. she was constantly saying how me she loved me, her mum thought I was the bees knees so the boss thing was just totally inconsistent with her daily messages of love. I moved out and shortly after that had to leave the country due to visa issues.

I gave her an ultimatum - she had to chose me or the boss. she continued to say that she couldn't just cut a friend out of her life. so I left and she continued to call me and her depression worsened to the point of crying daily for hours. eventually she alluded to the fact that she was dating the boss again. but she still continued to say she loved me. I was confused and felt like returning . eventually though I told her that if she loved me I would return. this forced her to say that she had discovered that all along she must have loved the boss and that I was just the best friend she ever had. so we have now moved on . do you think her depression means that she has no idea who she really loves and that the boss being there is convenient and that is confusing her feelings, it seemed that when she was healthy and enjoying life we were fantastic together but as her health deteriorated through cancer and work stress (throw in late payments from the ex husband) she clinged to something else that the boss offered. he has kids and only separated a few weeks ago. he's head of a bank and I'm just a struggling mid level manager. however I have plenty of money. Do you think I am her true love?


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  • If you were he true love she would be with you and not seeing someone else...maybe she likes having two partners...


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