Should I call my ex boyfriend?

It's been 2 months since we last saw each other. He was great with me the last time I saw him but after that I could tell that he just didn't want to see or speak to me anymore. He confuses me because 2 months after he broke up with me he contacted me because he felt bad so that's how we started hanging out again. Well It's been 4 months now since our 2 1/2 year relationship ended. I'm going crazy and I do miss him. This month I have will have to see him for his sisters confirmation and I don't want it to be awkward. Should I call him? I don't want to fill up his ego again...I've been trying to not talk to him for the past month and a half and now I'm caving in because he's been in my dreams the past 2 weeks which has been annoying me...I still love him and want him back so would calling him be a good idea?


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  • open the box and see if the cat is still alive. Maybe those four moths had some affect on you and getting back together might be a good idea now. But go easy. Maybe it's not the time yet. But you have to approach him in order to know how he feels. "And knowing is half the battle".

    • The problem with this debate is that he's the one who broke up with me and has been ignoring/playing me since then. He confuses me and I don't know if by calling him he'd be any different. He's in the police academy and so I guess he's changing...

    • It's not an easy situation but speculating won't do you any good. You can't dwell on the fact the he broke up with you if you're still interested. Be frank but not too open. Say you want to meet, maybe do something together, but don't say you still love him right away. Try to court him as he as new boyfriend and maybe in his mind he'll see this as the potential beginning to a new relationship and not the low-budget sequel to a failed one.

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  • Dont call him, I made the mistake of bringing my ex back into my life and just got hurt again. Its one of those things where the best plan on action is to do nothing


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  • He broke up with you so don't call him. You are the prize and so therefore you should be treated like one. Don't do all the work. If he wants to talk to you, he will. Keep up with the "no contact." Don't fill his ego. Sounds like he only calls you just to see if you still like him. Which gives him an instant ego boost when you show/say you do. Let him come to you...I know you miss him terribly. I am in the same situation. I am not giving in anymore to my ex. It took me almost a month to get to this point, but I finally feel like I am getting a grip back on my life.

    At least if you can be open to the idea of you two talking at the confirmation, but don't make it a point and go out of your way to make it happen.

    • Aww man I already called him early in the day. I asked him how the academy was and he asked me how I was and if I started my semester yet and that was basically it. I threw in if you wanted to hang out because I was excited about my new haircut but I didn't tell him that. He said he was busy with homework and said alright no problem. Anyways I didn't tell him that I missed him or love him. I did this phone call so when I saw him it wouldn't be awkward when I see him..o well I tried and give up.

    • Good for you though for not telling him that you miss and love him. If you must talk to him at least keep it brief. but no contact will be better to help you to move on. Every feeling you have, I'm going through it too! Now you did what you thought you had to do. Which was call him so it's not awkward. Now it's his turn. Let it be and then he might wonder why you haven't contacted him. Hang in there...I know it's hard.

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