How to get over a recent breakup?

A guy just broke up with me and i was more in love with him than he was with me, and it is hurting me so badly. How do i get over it, what are some tips? Should i start talking to other guys or just be alone and sad?


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  • Sorry about what you're going through. if you are currently looking for another relationship, you're going to make things worse.
    you're emotionally unstable, and that will make you easy prey for those who want to take advantage of you.

    the easiest way to recover is to forget and forgive.
    try to spend your time in activities that increase your self esteem like pay attention to your desires and needs... and If you are good at something and know someone who would like to be too, give them a helping hand.. they'll surely appreciate your efforts, and you'll feel worthier at the end of the day.

    don't let one person blind you to seeing what's around you.


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  • Find someone to talk it out with. Always helps me with shit.

    • Ahahaha legit i’ve talked it out soo much i’m exhausted from saying it ahah

    • Good. Hope you get over this minor inconvenience quickly. So you can get down on some real loving.

  • How long were you in love with him. They say it takes just as long to get over someone you truly love. But only you can make the choice if you are ready to start seeing other guys... I would suggest do some soul searching, have fun and enjoy life... Travel see new places.. and with new places, no experience and new people. You wouldn't believe how incredibly theraptic that is.

    • Oh really? I’ve never heard that! But it’s probably somewhat correct to be honest !

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    • Yeah i will probably take about 6months to fully recover

    • Whatever you need... Take your time

  • Hello there, @steeph98.

    My name is sean893, and I am currently going through a similar situation like yours with my partner right now. The difference is that we have not broke up yet.

    I wish I could message you, but sadly I am still in Xper 1. But I genuinely hope that we could start talking to each other and share a bit of what we are going through. (Though it's better not to ever name our partner or open up past wounds.)

    I do really need new friends right now and I hope that it would give you some mental healing to have a new friend here! :)

    • Hey! Im so sorry to hear! I’m more than happy to be hear and support you

    • All right! Please kindly follow me, and I'll patiently wait for you to get to Xper 2, and I'll do the same so we can unlock messaging each other sometime!

      Ready? Let's do it!

  • As soon as you realize PUSSY IS POWER and u can find dick under a rock you'll understand untill then the only way to get over one is to get under a NEW ONE

  • Lol only move on to other guys when you are ready don't wanna mess up new stuff because of your feeling for your old lover

  • depends on how deep ur relationship was and whats ur personality is

    if u care to share more details, may be give u good suggestion


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