I want to get back with my ex. Any ideas what to do here?

I want to get back with my ex. He broke from me. It was an LDR. He is currently seeing someone who he just recently met. We do talk everyday, but what I want to know, what would be the best way to get back with him. Am I too late? The girl he is seeing is not a rebound, he already had that. He did tell me that he sometimes misses me and that I will always have a place in his heart cos we did love each other. He recently watched a movie he know that I like and he sent me a text telling me he was watching it.

Would him seeing me bring it all back to him? What do I do? I need some sort of plan.

Any advice please.



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  • Drop off the face of the earth is what you do. Let the new relationship just be for awhile By you talking to him believe it or not your being like a comfortable old pair of jeans while he's enjoying his new relationship. Your being a backup. Remove yourself from his life completly if you really want him back. That is your only shot. Trust me it works. What your doing now does not! Make him wonder


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  • That's not necissarly true. People can be stubborn with their feelings. Maybe you both want to get back together but neither of you see's how it would work. The best thing you can do is arrange to meet up with him. Don't talk about the relationship on the first meeting. Just concentrate on having a good time. You should be able to judge by some of his body language whether or not he still likes you in that way. After that give it another week or so and ask to see him again. This time you can mention that seeing him brought back feelings you though you had let go of and ask him if he feels the same way. The point I'm trying to get at here is that you want to know how he feels for you but you don't want to pressure him into telling you strait away. The more relaxed he feels with you the more chance you will get an honest answer. If by that point he says he still cares for you but doesn't want to be with you in that way its just time to move on. Either way you will have you answer and you won't need to dwell on it anymore.

    • Thank you for your advice. I am working on myself and want to be exciting and different to the old me. I just hope that if he still has some feelings for me, at least there is a small chance, even if its not now, but sometime ahead, that we can make a step to get back together

  • your to old for him its not that he's scared of love he just doesn't want to love you that's all your old time happens

    • Excuse me, he is older than me. It has nothing to do with age at all. And I am not old. I look a lot younger than my age. Thank you

    • Lol I responded to the wrong post

  • hsi new relationship is a rebound...let it be, it will end shortly enough...

    for now, concentrate on yourself...ask yoruself WHY you want your ex back...re-evaluate what went wrong in your relationship and how you can become astronger person because of it...forget him for now and be yourself and do me a favor...go out and HAVE FUN! be yourself, be outgoing, love will cross your path again, but you need to do you now...!

    hope this helps...dont jump into any relationship, especially one with him again, take your time...good luck!


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  • I have mixed feelings about this

    On one hand, I think he's treating you as just a friend and he's being friendly

    but on the other hand, I feel like he's not completely over you yet. Clearly, you're still on his mind. But at the same time, while he might still like you, I don't think he wants to be with you. If he did, he probably would have said something by now


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