Does everybody cheat? If they do why do we make big deals about trust?

for the record I have never cheated on someone nor been cheated on (as far as I know) but I do worry about guys cheating on me because so many do. Then guys throw a fit about me having trust issues! If the world is known for cheating why do people get upset when they are accused of possibly cheating?


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  • You are right, the world is known for cheating. White lies, smiling when you're boiling inside (seasoned sales people know what this is all about).

    The longer you hang around this planet, the more you find that human beings as a whole cannot be trusted. This is why trust is such a precious gift; because few deserve it!

    The first thing you need to learn about trust, as a girl, is to trust your gut feelings, that "something inside", a faint but deep feeling, that makes you uncomfortable when you start off a relationship, or in the midst of one. Only when you have mastered listening to your gut feelings can you know who you can trust.


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  • Monogamy is a myth, 50 to 80% of guys cheat 20 to 50 % of girls cheat... some do some dont... just depend on who you are, your values what's important to you etc


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