Do I make it happen? Or do I just let it be?

I'm going to hang out with a guy friend of mine who I haven't seen in 3 years. I'm planning on asking him to bring a friend, and I'm going to bring one of mine.

The thing is, he has this one friend who I have a super huge crush on, so hoping he'll bring him, so that we can meet and get to know each other a bit.

this guy is a pro at volleyball, so should I bring a volleyball so all of us can play?

what should we do? (its going to be at the park, but after that, should we go out to eat?)

the thing is, I'm not 100% sure that my friend is going to bring the guy I'm crushing on, but they're really close friends, so I'm betting that he is.

i know I should be myself, but when we're hanging out, should I try to talk to him? or would that look too obvious? should I wait for him to talk to me?

please give me ANY pointers you can on how to act and what to do when we hang out! I'm so lost, I have NO IDEA how to do this!

thank you!


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  • ok calm down and your frend hu you haven't seen in 3 years likes you I'm pretty sure he does and he is prob gonna bring your crush guy as a wing man so he can tlk to you and wen he finds out you don't like hem he will be sad or he dosnt like you and he will just do nutin but if I was you I would do anything it takes to win my man but I'm a dude lol so to me ital be a girl hahah but good luck (=

  • Be yourself, smile, be fun, don't try to hard or be to desperate, act like you don't care...


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