How do you get over your ex moving on..when you haven't yet?

How do you deal with your ex seeing someone new when you are still single?


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  • I know it's probably painfully obvious to say this, but the only thing you can do is just accept that things are the way they are, there's nothing you can do about it, and move on. They've moved on to someone else, and now you should focus on doing the same, if that's what you want.

    I personally found that I was focusing too much time on worrying about my ex and what she was doing with other people, instead of realising that I could also be out there being with other people too. I know it's difficult to move on from someone, especially when they've moved on before you, but the only way past it is to move on yourself. You'll be surprised how little you will care for your ex and what they do once you yourself have accepted things and moved on.

    • This is quite true!

      but I must add one more thing: don't "move on" with another person just for the sake of moving on. this would be contraproductive since you'd just take someone else to take your exes place! you will know when the right time comes! being sad and jealous is part of the coping process and truly being able to move on!

      good luck to you! one last thing: you're not alone and you will survive this! it will make you stronger and more experienced in life!

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  • Break all contact, ignor him and what he is doing, takes time to get over someone, see other people, keep busy etc...


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  • I can imagine how hard that must be. The best advice I can give, is to forget about him. I know with my EX, when I would look at his facebook, it would make me miss him and want to talk to him again. The more I didn't know what he was doing, the happier I was and the easier it was for me to move on.

  • All depends. Did you break up with him, or did he break up with you?

    I broke up with a guy, and I wanted to be just friends. But I'm still single and I think he's found somebody while I can't find a guy who's interested. I feel like crap. But I'm glad that he's found someone to get over me with (he was the most miserable thing out there for the longest time. I felt awful for doing that to him) but at the same time I feel even lower because I'm almost positive he's going to tease me about still being single.

    That's how I feel when I heard my ex was with someone else, anyway. glad he got over it, but I still like him a little, so I'm a little jealous, but I'm trying not to care.

    Oh, great. I'm going to cry now.


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