Ex texting, what would you do?

So my boyfriend birthday was this past week-end. His ex (broke up 2 years ago, 3 year relationship, since married w baby) texted him happy b day. Fine. Next day she texted him all day finally asked if he was seeing someone he said he was and she replied yes I am seeing someone too. He told me about the texts and I said well is she not married. so he texted her that and she replied (it is not all it is cracked up to be). My boyfriend says that there is nothing to worry about. wtf...what if the texting continues. should I text her and tell her to go back to her husband you cheating bitch (reason they broke up). or should I let it be maybe she just wants to be friends? I am fuming I want to kill her, especially when one of her texts woke me up on sat morning!

What would you do?d
***His cell phone is usuall y on the coffee table now it is always in his pocket.We use our cell phones as our alarm clocks in the a.m. this morning when I crawled over him to get out of bed he woke up and said watch out for the phone, wtf, never cared b4


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  • keep the commication open with your boyfriend, he will understand and I bet he thinks its a bit weird as well. good luck! :)

    • I want to talk but I do not want to seem (crazy obsessed), lol, Ironic! I will see how it goes. Thanks!

  • You need to put some faith and trust in your boyfriend and not turn green with envy. If it bothers you that much then be sure to calmly tell your boyfriend that it bothers you. You need to trust him, especially if he's given you no reason not to, especially since he told you about the texts. Put some faith into him and don't go behind his back to tell this woman off.

    • I know, I have a definite case of the green monster. He was my first crush in high school and 14 years later he is mine and I love our relationship. I want to forget about this but I still feel like killing her..she is married with a beautiful child she should be working on her own relationships.

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