Is this the worst break up?

Me and my girlfriend broke up about three months ago, and while I don't sit a dwell on it, and I still go out and have been seeing a couple of women, I think about her all of the f***ing time. We dated for five and a half years. and there was no real reason to break up, we just got too comfortable I guess and it was boring. Is this the worst way to go or what, we were able to tell each other everything, and just be so good not doing much. She was seeing someone at the the end and decided to go with that, which doesn't upset me, I would have probably done the same if it were the other way around, but man, now that its over I cannot stop wanting to be with her again. Help me get over this awesome woman, why can't we hate each other or something, its killing me ahhh. We tried being friendly but when we see each other we end up kissing and holding each other, but she says she doesn't want to get back, and I'm not sure if I do right just is extremely hard I lover her to death and we can't spend any time together because we still have so many feelings. HELP


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  • I'm sorry dude...maybe do something to p*ss her off? jk...good luck though.


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