How have you gotten back with your ex?

I really want to get back together with my ex again. We dated 2 and half years, he ended things 3 months ago. I guess I need some ideas on ways I should tell him I still like him and ways to try to start things with him again. What have you done to get back with you ex? I need ideas/advice please


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well you could try contacting him leting him know you want to get back with him, or you could try using sex to eventually get him back...

    • lol that's funny bad advice. Don't get him back with sex! You'll be a doormat!

What Girls Said 1

  • I suppose you guys have spoken to each other since the break up. What did it for me was not speaking to him for a month. Not in a mean way, but taking time for myself. Taking an actual break from each other helped us remember what we loved about each other. Once all the panicing feelings cooled off, we called each other. At first just has friends and go on a friendly coffee dates. Eventually the dates became more... well serious. Focusing on fun rather than pressure. Movies, amusement parks, and eventually a real dinner date. I brought up the conversation "dont we make a cute couple" To which he said yes. You can guess how the rest went.

    However in your case, NOT speaking to him for a month might be a bad idea. Skip that part. Ask him over on a harmless and friendly get together. Remind him how much fun you are. You were together for almost 3 years. Reconnecting might come easier than you think.


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