Ex letting me know his planned days with his new girlfriend!!

Me and my ex boyfriend of 4 years are friends. He does know how I feel about him. I do still love him but am not in love with him anymore. Since our break up a year ago, he has dated a few times and went on into a rebound soon after the break up, and then he had a couple of flings. He has recently met someone new, and she is like me in many ways, he told me this.

I have been chatting with a nice guy, I am taking it slowly as I don't want to be hurt again.

Moving right along. my ex boyfriend and me used to watch a particular TV program together, when we were going out and even after the break up. But today.. he told me everything his plans for the weekend with his new girlfriend, and he will be watching the program he watched with me, now with her. He told me other things he has planned with her. I asked him why was he telling me all this, he said cos he thought he would and he wanted to let me know that he would not be there online on Saturday. He is seeing her over 3 days and then in the group they are both belong too.

I don't know what to think. The program was always the thing that we did, together or not. and now he is gonna watch it with her.

I know he has moved on, but there is no need for him to out and out give me all that into I don't talk about the new guy I'm chatting with in such a manner to him. I have to admit it did hurt me, so I have decided to cease communicating with him for the time being.

I am sorry this is long but I want to know what is your opinion on what he did? Did I really have to be furnished with all that info?

Did he say it as to hurt me?


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  • I've experienced this with A Ex (we dated 1 and a half yrs)

    He would tell me about his "flings" and other girls and I didn't care for it at all it'd been 6 months after we broke up and he was STILL goin' on about it.., I was already moved on and with Another man.

    It sounds like he's either Jealous cause you're talking to another guy,

    Trying to get this whole new "gf" stuff under your skin because he still hasn't fully healed, Or he's being a asshole (lol)

    Could even Be all Three!


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