Is my ex boyfriend playing mind games with me??

So I broke up with my ex boyfriend about a month ago and I miss him a lot so we have talk since break up and we met up because we nth missed each other sexually and wanted to do and so we did. As we talked he asked if I was swing someone else I said yea and at the beginning he took it as a joke but then he was acting like he was jealous. By the way that was a lie I'm not seeing no one else I just wanted to see his reaction. The next day you saw him and he acted as if nothing had happened. I don't understand he says we can't be together because our personalities can't seem to get along. But that he has feeling for me he said this when we broke up but he acts like he doesn't care.. I don't know what to think... Opinions!


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  • He wants you, the whole "test" of having another guy in you life really got to him. This was trouble. if you want him back, he seems willing to be with you. My opinion is, take him back. don't play mid games.


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