Will she come back? ( ladies only please)

My Ex Girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me in July 2010. she broke up with me over some issues that didn't exist at the time of the break up. Well she is a smoker and tried getting her to quit. She had told me she had quit, which was not true. she would do it behind my back thinking I wouldn't know. after I spoke to a friend he made me understand that I should not pressure her to quit. so I gave up on getting her to quit. I played along acting as if I didn't know she was smoking. This was my mistake, I should have communicated that to her. she was going through a lot of stressful time and decided to blow up on me. she broke up with me because she thinks she can't be herself around me.

i gave her space. last week( 2 months later) we spoke about the issue and I told her that I didn't have a problem with her smoking anymore, I apologized for pressuring her, and she accepted my apologies.

DO you think she may reconsider her decision? she insisted that she wants to remain civil with me.

Have you ever been in a similar situation where you dumped a boy friend and later realized that you should go back and work it out?


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  • If you truly think its worth giving it another shot, then you should try your best to get her back. But before you do anything, really think about if this is what you want. Is it really her you want back, or just the idea of her? looking back on the time you spent together, it migth seem good, but sometimes its never really as good as you remember. Because I have broken up with someone before and then reconsidered my decision and gone back out with him, however it didn't work and we only had all the same problems as before because neither of us were willing to change! Sometimes you only get one chance, but if you really like her then try again to talk to her about it, she migth reconsider. (remember if she's honestly still interested,s he will let you know. If she honestly wants to be with you she won't stay stubborn for long) if not, try and move on, be with someone that you are happy with, without feeling the need to want to change certain qualities about them. good luck x


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  • It's difficult to say because we don't know her, every girl is different. I think the fact that she is wanting to remin civil with you is good, however it could just mean she wants to be friends and nothing more. She might reconsider her decision, but you have to give her time. There isn't much more you can do. Aslong as she knows how you feel and you have given her the chance to re-think it, there isn't anything more you can do.

    And I have broke up with my boyfriend before, and regretted it as soon as I did it! It was too late though.


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  • I know you said ladies only, but I can guarantee she's not coming back. The relationship is over and she's moved on, it's time for you to do the same.


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