Guys, what does it mean when you do all this to your ex?

Me and my ex boyfriend went out for 1 year and 3 months and he split up with me 3 months ago. We're both 16. We ended on good terms and are still friends, although I still love him and he has moved on(he moved on about a month after the breakup).

Just over a month ago we were in the same bed at a sleepover party and he kissed me(a couple of times), looked into each other eyes, touched each other etc. Another time about 2/3 weeks ago we went out to this place in the countryside together and he kissed me 3 times, gave me his jacket cause I was cold and refused to take it back when he was cold, pushing me over, nuzzled my nose with his nose, gave me a piggyback, offered both his hands to help me up of the floor etc. After both of these times I asked him what it meant and he said that they didn't mean anything (the first he said he didn't know but if anything was a goodbye for him, the second he said he kissed me to make me not as disappointed, as we had planned for him to bring a condom, just in case, but he couldn't). But surely you wouldn't kiss a girl (if you weren't drunk) if you didn't actually want to?

About a month ago he also said to me "even though it may not seem like it, I miss you, I miss you like crazy, I just don't want to go back to the way things were, so don't think your the only one hurting". He started having feelings for someone else about a month after our breakup, so when he said this and did all these things he didn't have feelings for me, so why did he do them?

He never really talks first online or anything and when I do talk first he talks back fine but doesn't make that much conversation.


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  • ok your 16 condoms shou;ld not be used especialy if your not dating by not used I'm say your 16 sex should not be a thing on your mind damn what is wrong with youth these days


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  • He is playing with your feelings, simple as that.

    He kisses you and is overly friendly with you and acts out like you are together in sorts, but really he is messing with your emotions and possibly playing games with you. You really need to stop communicating with him. He has moved on but is still around messing up your life. If you happen to be in the same place as him, don't let him kiss you or touch you. You need to tell him to stop playing games with you and that you have moved on from him.

    He will soon get the message. You could say you are chatting with some nice guy and you want to make a go of it. He will soon get the message.


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