Should I just let her go?

I have 3 female friends, let's call them Doc, Counselor & Coach all attractive and hard working with no time for BS in their lives. Call me Mr. Tech. I am sexually but not romantically involved with all 3 with no complaints and we've decided to keep it exclusive. We all have an open and honest friendship. Each one knows about the other and at anytime we may go on a "pseudo dates" but we usually go Dutch ( no one's being used or hustled in any way, I'm no gigolo). I trust them and they trust me with a lot, but now someone has come down on one of them saying she needs more out of our relationship and she needs to put her foot down to me and our other friends. In the years we've known each other this was never a problem and we've always said if this is not working we can still be friends and keep it moving. I'm not ready for more and neither is anyone else, we've had a good thing for a long time, what should I do?


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  • For me it sounds like this is benefiting you far more than these 3 girls. The sex is probably great for them.. no strings attatched, no clingly boyfriend... but I think there comes a time when a woman wants and needs more from a relationship than just the sex, espceically when she has to share you with two other women. There's no real emotional attatchment.

    It's also normal for someone who is observing this 'relationship' from the outside maybe with no real knowledge of the situation to suggest to her that she deserves more! And maybe the lightbulb finally flashed above her head and she realized she's worth more than just jiggy-jiggy and 'pseudo dates'.

    Also if this outside observer is giving her advice that means that this woman is asking for advice and she's not happy with the current situation.

    In response to what you should do... you should maybe grow up a little bit and realize you need to commit to one or more of these women in a more responsible way. If you're all such good friends with so much trust you should be able to be there for them more emotionally maybe?

    • I totally agree with you, I've been there for her through her divorce, I've even helped her with her kids and back to school, we're friends with extremely good benefits. They've all been there for me helping with my own kids. Its more than just sex for all of us.

What Guys Said 1

  • I say it's- Doc with the Dagger in the Conservatory.

    • *OR* Counselor with the Candlestick in the Billiard Room.

    • Lol, despite the funny names is starting a relationship worth potentially ruining a friendship?

    • Oh my bad, I thought you were playing the game Clue. You always will have a friendship, relationships come and go. The best relationships often times come from good friendships.

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