Do I text back to the ex?


My ex girlfriend of 6 weeks ago has just text me saying...

'Hi...erm, I've been trying not to text, but I've given in, I just wanna say hey, and see how your doing? No harm in that ?!?...=\

A bit of history...

It has mostly been a long distance relationship, but we were great. Things got tough when she got a job at the weekend and I was working in the week. When I was home at the weekend I would hardly see her and this started to grate on us.

She also has a problem with commitment and we were just coming up to a year. All these problems led to her breaking up with me. I have been her longest boyfriend. I have been finding it quite tough. When we broke up she told me she still loved me, and in the little contact we have had over 6 weeks, she has told me she has loved me then.

A week ago I spoke to her on facebook. It was hard and after that I decided to block her on facebook to help give me a better chance of moving on.

Now she has text me? I've been messed around by a girl before and I don't want it to happen again. I don't think this Girl would do it intentionally, but I don't know why she has text, or what to do?

Does she think she has made a mistake?

Is she just checking up on me?

Do I or Don't I text back?

Thanks in advance for any advice =)


Most Helpful Girl

  • The text she sent you is what I call, an ice breaker. She is trying to get back in contact with you. It is like the ones you use after going through a period of 'no contact'.

    There was something you said that stuck out for me in that she has commitment issues. Being in a relationship, means being committed to one person and if she cannot do that, then you are best at finding someone new. On the other hand you say you and her were great together and that she tells you she still loves you. Remember you also blocked her on FB, so you do want the space to heal.

    Basically you have two options here, before you decide to text her and put yourself back in communication,

    If you text her, you leave yourself open to being hurt again, she can leave you in limbo. You could ask yourself, where is this all I going to be sitting around waiting for who knows how long on my own?!

    Or do not text her, but get on with your life, and met other people and have fun and only you know when you are ready to start dating again.


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  • well maybe she is curious about your life...whats going on with you..have you moved on...and that question especially interests her if she still has feelings for you...she knows..she misses you..and wants to start a convo with see what goes on...but if you want to move on..then don't text her..having any type of communication..will make things harder..however if you don't care...then just text back..if you know what you want already..then it won't be a problem...


What Guys Said 3

  • DO NOT text back to her! Stay strong, and keep moving forward. By doing this she is testing your emotions and her power over you which she knows she still has to a certain degree. She is just stringing you along. By keeping in contact with her, all you are doing is boosting her ego which most girls have. Move on, date other girls asap, and stop talking to her altogether.


  • best way to get over one girl is to get under another... sack up


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