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i left my ex and he moved out the only way I was able to get the police to contact him was at his best friends number? would you get your best friend to call your ex girlfriend or boyfriend after you were told by police not to phone them especially if your ex knew who your best friend was? like I said the police phoned him at his best friends and told him he's not allowed to call my house or even come around? and if it was regarding something maybe you left there or about a child you have with your ex would you still do this? why would you phone considering they might phone the police again? why wouldn't you phone someone else and leave a message to pass on to your ex about picking something up you maybe left or about seeing your child if that's all it is and ask if your ex could drop it off somewhere you could pick it up or see your could so you don't run into them? and why would you still do this if you just told your ex's sister you are getting a lawyer to see your kid why don't you just leave your ex alone and get the lawyer?what do you all think ? that's what my ex did?and wouldn't his best friend be like um no I'm not calling there what if she calls the cops again and says were bothering her?is he really calling for maybe something he left or the kid or no is it to get to you?


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  • Too much drama in here. Don't associate yourself with your ex.


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