When you see someone cute in your class?

1. When you see someone cute in your class, someone you don't know very well, what kinds of things do you notice? Like, do you notice how often they do their homework, who they interact with, how often they speak, etc.? Or do you notice their hair, what they wear?

2. If you're a "party person", like drinking/smoking, stuff like that, would you prefer someone who wasn't like that, or someone who was?

Thanks =]


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  • 1) Well I don't use 'cute' unless I'm describing a puppy, but I understand what you're trying to say. I do notice all of those things. I notice everything. I'm about as close as you get to being a stalker without being considered one.

    2) I'm not into parties, but I (used to) drink and smoke a lot (quit about 2 months ago). I prefer girls who don't do that stuff (I felt this way even prior to quitting).

    No problem.


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