Why the random text from an ex?

My ex from a year ago text me just to say hello. what's the reason behind this?


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  • She is testing her power over you to see if it's still there. If you respond to her with joy, she will just get a kick out of it and it will put her on her pedistal. Or it may be that she "remembers" the things you did a year ago and it put her in a good mood. Sometimes it depends on who broke up with who and why, but usually its to see if you are still a back burner option to be with when she is done with all her "fun", so don't fall for it.

    • Maybe she needs an ego boost. I guess things weren't as bad as she thought. Could be her life is having some problems and your a good memory. If you're single and don't mind being friendly then you could just write her back and ask her why after so much time.

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  • haha when you know tell me as mines being texting me everyday!

  • Maybe she's bored


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