What should I say to my boyfriend to break up with him??

PLEASE HELP ME...IT WOLD MEAN SO MUCH CAUSE I NEED TO BREAK UP WITH HIM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! OK so like I need a break up with my boyfriend because one he cheated on me with my best friend AND TWO IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT HIM

ALWAYS ABOUT HIS PROBLEMS HIS ISSUES THE WAY HIS LIFE SUCKS.he never seems to be happy. in the beginning he wasn't like this he was funny and nice and then everything just started to go down hill. and I know I sound like a bitch saying all of this but I really need to dump him, the only reason why I'm stayed with him this long is cause he has been suicidal before and I don't need him to get that way again or kill himself over something this stupid...well I need to get rid of him...and I have already found somebody new...i just need to n

know what to say to him so he won't feel like completely broken and I want him to know why I dumped him I just don't know how to put it in words? so could someone please help me?


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  • Ummmmmmm, in this situation no matter what he is going to be hurt, especially when he finds out that you have someone else. How about just saying that you don't want to be with him anymore and that it's over? You are trying to save face here, and that will just make things worse and stupid. You are going to have to be straight forward here. You say he cheated on you, but you stayed with him and found someone new in the process. There were all these "bad" things about him, but you stayed with him anyway maybe thinking he could change or until you found someone better... Both of you have issues here. No matter how you break up it's going to hurt, so stop wasting time and just do it...

    • OK thank you for that it really helped me look at it a different way. and I will do it like that thanks again :)

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