How long does it usually take for a guy to get over his ex after the breakup?

We talk all the time online, we know each other is real life, but we just mostly talk online, and he wants to start hanging out with me so we can talk more, he finds me interesting. We can talk to each other for ages without getting tired of each other. We end it when he's going to bed, or if I'm going to bed.

I'm just afraid of being a rebound. I'm getting to know him so well, and I think he's a really sweet guy, but if we do end up getting close to the point where something happens, like a kiss, for example, that he's doing it because he wants to and not because he's trying to get over his ex girlfriend. They were dating for 2 years, so I know I have to be cautious. How long do I wait before I start hinting to him, or to start openly flirting with him?


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  • wait at least 5 months in this case...he also should stop all contact with the ex...the ex picture creates rebound scenarios, which would be problem for you trying to move in


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