A chance for re-kindled love ?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend 3 months ago mid June. Reason: basically timing. We were together 7 months and went through a lot ( He went through a real bad time and I was there for him through it all. I thought surviving his lowest point in his life we'd get through anything) unfortunately after that time he returned to working but now 2-3 jobs. I broke things off when, our weekly weekend date (1 day a week) eventually didn't' exist. He was putting his work #1 and we didn't see each other in a month. During this time he even brought it up he was neglecting me yet didn't make time for us...This is when I said enough is enough. I deserve better. He expressed he loved me , but felt bad because he couldn't dedicate the time I deserve. ( He's the eldest in his family and in his culture the eldest takes care of the family) We split amicably and remained friends. I missed him all the time but made it a point to not call him. During the course of our relationship he was shy but always respectful, caring, kind, extremely hardworking, my family liked him and his family and friends liked me. ONe month after the break up he called to say he misses me, misses us and looks at old pictures of us. Since July he's called twice a week every week to say " Hi" and ask about my life. He's expressed he misses me, He's working on trying to find 1 job and wants to see me but hasn't arranged a date and time yet. My question is...Seeing how he's been calling me consistently, you think he wants to get back together? I'm pretty sure but second guessing myself . I'm just confused because he hasn't made a date to meet though...so not sure if he's serious or just trying to feel me out or means to meet however is waiting for the right time? Maybe I just need to be patient? What do you think? So far I've tried to just focus on work, my hobbies and p/t school and not put my life on hold. I'm trying to have the attitude like "the ball is in his court" and see what he 's going to do. But I sure do miss him all the time. :(

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Just an update. Well time reveals all. I discovered Mr Nice Guy wasn't so genuine at all. He has a wife oversees and lied to me. Mystery solved. :( I'm saddened, but glad we remained split up. What a waste of time.


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  • No, it won't be rekindled anymore.


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