Is my ex fiance insane or am I?

My ex & I were together for 7 yrs. & engaged when he broke up with me 4 months. ago. Two weeks. later he was involved with someone else. I have severed all contact with him since finding out about her although I still love him & had hopes of someday getting back together. His friends & family have told me repeatedly to not worry that they would probably not last & I have held on to that belief. He has also, numerous times been seen driving by my house, just yesterday as a matter of fact which has given me hope that he still cared about me since his job is across town & he lives a hour away so I can only conclude he is checking up on me. For some odd reason I chose to look her up on facebook to see what is up with her last night & got the shock of my life! She wrote that he had asked her to marry him a month after starting to date her & just gave her an engagement ring at the end of Aug. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach.When she started dating him she had no clue about me or that we had been engaged. I have lost a lot of weight, can't sleep, focus on anything in my life & cry every day & now after reading about their engagement I am even more devastated if that is possible. Does that relationship have a chance of surviving & why is he still driving by my house? Please, help me make sense of all this before I go out of my mind. Thank you.


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  • I feel sorry for you. I know what it is like to invest in a relationship over a number of years only to have it shattered. Your ex is in a rebound relationship, and usually they never last. What ages is he? He may be going through male menopause and his hormones could be acting up.

    Driving by your house, is a bit weird and stalkerish, especially if he is suppose to be with someone else. I don't know why him driving by gives you hope! If he wanted something from you, he would talk with you or make some effort to communicate but so far he hasn't.

    He may be someone who gets engaged by never marries, there are people out there that are like that. Seen as he met someone so soon after you, is a bit strange in that it is possible he may have known her before. Looking up on FB is a no no. I have done that myself and looked up my ex's account, but have stopped as I realized it only hurt me more so, So don't look it up again.

    I know you are hurting right now. I have been in your situation, crying, not sleeping, not eating properly and basically, just functioning. You should not be on your own at this time, you need the love and support of family and friends. You are not alone in this. Ok.

    What you need to do, is have a spring clean. Get all his stuff, everything and bag it and put it away, perhaps in the attic, somewhere out of sight. Once you have room, start redecorating. move furniture around, give the house a new look. Get some lovely scented candles and fresh flowers. Watch comedy programs and moves, have a laugh with friends, The last thing you need is to be on your own as being on your own can make you think of him and that's the worst thing you could do for yourself .

    Just be patient with yourself and take each day as it comes. Rome wasn't built in a day. So just take it easy and talk with friends and family and sort out your house and soon you will feel better.

    • Thank you for your enlightening words!

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