We can't be friends? Why?

A guy I dated said "If we are not together we can not be friends" Which is okay to me because I am not talking about like hang out friends. I know that would be awkward and I don't really believe in ex's being close buddies. But for some people it does work. Just text every blue moon (birthdays) or at least speak when you see each other.

Why does he feel that way?


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What Guys Said 1

  • i can't be friends with my ex... she was my first true love, were together for 3 years, best friends for 2 years before and she broke up with me a week ago - every time I think of her with someone else I feel sick or cry.. Imagine if I ACTUALLY had to watch her be with someone else. Imagine spending a "friend" day in town together and being a foot from her but not allowed to kiss her or even touch her hair or hand or put my arm around her? It would be KILLER.

    However, if she realizes she's made a mistake in the future, I haven't changed my number and blocked her from Twitter? So she can come back to me in 3 months or 5 years if she wants to.. I'm sure I'd still have feelings for her too -.-


What Girls Said 1

  • Cos if he was dating someone else and you were around when his new girlfriend was about, either in person, text, call or email, it would make things awkward for him and for you. Perhaps he didn't want to hurt you by you knowing he had moved on and hearing about it. He is not available to you any more and wants to move on with his life.

    Yes sometimes being friends with an ex can work but it would take both parties to make it work. I know as I have been friends with my ex, but it has been a devastating one, I still loved him, and felt like I was losing him all over again, each time he dated someone or met someone. It is tough hearing how happy he is and how great his life is, that I had to put a stop to it and have since not been in contact with my ex. I doubt he knows what happened as it has only been a few days since I ceased communication. So yeah friendships do work, but only as I said if both work at it and don't hurt each other in the process.

    As to your situation, just leave him be and get on with your life,.

    • Umm no! Sorry but what didn't you understand about my paragragh. I clearly stated I didn't want to hang out friends at all. Just to talk EVERY BLUE MOON or JUST TO SPEAK WHEN TO SEE EACH OTHER.

      And this type of guy don't have serious girlfriends. And you need to get all with your life and take your own advice.

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