If you can get over someone does that mean they weren't 'the one' for you?

I'm just curious. its a few questions :/

If you can get over an ex, no matter how long it takes, does that mean you weren't supposed to be together?

Or is it just because you don't see/talk to them as much or in the same way as you did before?

Do you think after a breakup, you will always get over a person?

What if you never broke up with your ex, would you still love them as much now or still be with them if you could? (if the circumstances for the break up never happened.)

I just feel like when you love someone, they should be impossible to get over, but I hear stories of people in long term relationships who still wanted their ex after the breakup but eventually get over them..


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  • if I love someone, I may get over not having them, and be happy moving on with my life without them in it, but no I don't think you ever fully stop loving someone you actually loved. I mean I haven't seen her for months, barely spoken either, but if anything ever happened I would drop absolutely everything.

  • its kinda difficult to say, there isn't exactly a line in our feelings that when we cross, we that we know we love someone.

    in all honesty, I think anyone can get over anyone, it will just take time and support.


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