Does my ex STILL like me?

This might be long, if it is, I'm sorry, but please read it all and help me out!(:

My ex asked me out sometime in may, we dated for a month then he broke up with me because he thought I still loved this guy I had a 'thing' with before me and my ex dated. Also, the first time we dated, we didn't know each other that well. He's really shy, and I'm shy around shy people, so it didn't go too well. We went to a semi-formal together at our school, and we texted a lot but that's pretty much it. We rarely talked on the phone because it was awkward. We broke up at the end of June, so right before summer started. For the first two weeks of summer, we hated each other. Then one night something bad happened and I told my best friend about it and she told him, and he texted me and stayed up with me all night to keep me company because I didn't want to be alone.

For the rest of the summer we stayed up all night, every night texting each other until at least 3 AM. We became best friends. Eventually, toward the end of the summer, we dated again. I broke up with him a week later because I wasn’t really crazy about him anymore and I knew he’d end up getting hurt because he liked me a lot. He said he was over it, but I know he tends to just agree with things I say to avoid fighting. The second time we dated, it didn’t ruin our friendship. We have been insanely close since then. We continued staying up all night every night texting until school started.

Then our whole town was at this thing we have for Memorial Day. He was there, I was there, and his 2 ex gfs. He ended up getting back with one of them, then breaking up with her and going out with another girl who he told me he hated. So then I got mad at him for being two faced about it and because I was / am getting sick of how he treats girls and how he could careless that he hurts them all the time.

I was talking to his younger sister about it, and she said he hated me and I told her to tell him to grow up. The next day he texted me saying ‘im sorry I got mad at you the other day, you’re right.. I really should grow up’. I thought he was just being a d**k but he was serious. Then I said ‘why do you always say you hate me, then text me two days later?’ and he said ‘because I still like you’ I said ‘you mean as a friend, right?’ and he said yes, but I'm not convinced. All of my friends and I agree if he meant as a friend he would have said ‘I still wanna be friends’ not ‘I still like you’. What do you think?


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  • tl;dr

    But besides that, who cares? You probably broke up for a reason. Renewing an old relationship is generally a bad idea.

    • Cause I regret breaking up with him.. & I know he was hurt right after I did so there's a possibility he still wishes I hadnt.

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  • that boy doesn't liek you he is in love with you, and if he had the chance to be with you he would drop any girl, how he treats other girls wrong is because they are like something for him to do until/unless you two get back together

  • I think he may still like you. Do you still like him? maybe that's why you got mad x

    • No I didn't like him when I got mad, but when he refused to talk to me for a few days I started missing him and liking him again. But then I met someone else and I'm not crazy about him anymore, but I still think he likes me..

  • you 2 like each other... stop the soap opera bs and just get back together... it will pretty much be the same you are doing now but you get the kissing and the loving...


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