How many friendship relationships end badly?

just wondering but how many of you have gone out with a really good friend and have had the relationship end badly?


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  • It did for me. I went out with my best guy friend and it only lasted a week.

    It changed everything. I went out with a guy almost a year after we

    broke up and he got so jelous he never spoke to me again.

    If I was in the past I wouldn't have gone out with him. And I would

    still have my bestfriend.


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  • It depends on this friend if he has a history of cheating beating or acting like an a-hole then yea it will end badly but if he is a genuinely nice guy the I don't think there would be problems


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  • I have gone out with a friend a few times and sparks did fly. Nothing happened after that but remained best friends.

    • Yea I'm thinking it would be great but he's more worried about what if something happens to distroy are great friendship

  • you mean like just "friends" and not boyfriend/girlfriend?

    I am just venting here, but I've had some new friends and I don't think they are friends at all.

    they like to go out to "beaches" and other events but they never invite me. I'm getting the idea that I am not invited and they don't want me around. I'm fine with that.

    that's how friends end I guess.

    =( Okies, whatever.

    I can be a loner, I don't care.

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