I'm still crazy about my ex and don't know how to get over her?

i was with her for nearly 3 years. we broke up last week due to various complications. she's got with another guy from the day we broke up and has said to me that she doesn't know if she made the right choice going with him. I used to live at her house even though I'm 17 and stayed there every night with her for well over a year. we saw each other every day and did nearly everything together, which was really nice. I still talk to her a lot and want to talk to her and be around her, and she doesn't mind at all and enjoys my company. we find no harm in being friends and I do find an urge to kiss her and whatever, but I know I can control myself so we don't do anything stupid. when I'm without her, which is now the majority of the day or sometimes a whole day, I feel really broken and alone. iv started talking to my friends a lot more which is what some other people recommended and trying not to think about her, but I just miss seeing her so much and its really starting to hurt. any suggestions on what I should do?


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  • You are describing a broken heart :(

    find something to occupy your time- find a new hobby, hang with friends more, etc

    but staying friends with her will just continue to rub in the pain. (some can handle it, some cant)


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