Why won't he ask me out??

There is this guy that seems to like me and I like him, but I wasn't sure if he knew or could tell that I was interested, although it seemed that if I didn't always wave or show attention back he would get frustrated with me or something. So I let him know that I like him and even though it seems he makes it a point to show some signs back every time I see him now as reinforcement to me that he likes me too, he looks nervous, and STILL hasn't asked me out. I took a big step letting him know I like him, so HE can be the one who at least makes the approach. Should I just give him more time?

Now I feel like he is avoiding me...that can't be good.


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  • he may be extremely insecure and not want to get hurt again (i'm there atm lol, it sux) and he dosn't wanna take that risk of going from friendly association to possibly hostle rejection and aftermath.

    try asking him out, he may not get your hints, sometimes its rough and you need to lead us along by the hand :)

    • I do understand the rejection thing. Us ladies have that fear also. He is going to have to ask. I let him know that I liked him, which was a BIG step for me. Now it is his turn :)

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    • Work at some place, but don't work directly together. So that 'may' be another reason for the delay....being somewhere where just he and I could talk. So he may have two questions....1). hey, can you meet me at x spot so we can talk, and 2). would you like to go out. So I am hoping that the us being somewhere will happen and then that may present the opportunity at least. I am hoping.

    • Workplace relationship adds another strain on it, make sure to check standard operating procedures to make sure it won't get you into trouble.. even then that may make him take even longer to get the nerve up to ask, plus you need the right place and time.

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  • umm prob not, maybe the game of mouse and mouse has gone on too long.

    • Either avoiding me.....or running AGAIN. There had been some of that going on from time to time, and kind of goes along with my original...'although it seemed that if I didn't always wave or show attention back he would get frustrated with me or something.' (like what seems to be happening now.). I must have missed a wave and didn't know it. Yes, it has been that crazy of a situation. I am tired of cat/mouse, mouse/mouse....I am ready to be the cheese!! :p

    • Lol I know that feeling. only thing I can think of, is play cat 1 more time, leave him a note saying yer gonna be having coffee at such and such a place at such and such a time, and see if he shows up. sux that you gotta do the chasing, but maybe he's really that blind or insecure. if he don't show consider him a lost cause.

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  • It seems like he likes you too. Maybe he looks nervous because he is. I would give him more time and keep encourging him with smiles, waves, eye contact, etc. By the way, how did you let him know you like him?

    • Wrote it on a note. :) I mean I am shy too.....but at least now he knows and doesn't have to wonder. So I am hoping he will muster up the courage to do something about it. Hard to believe we are adults, as it seems we are both acting like high school kids...shy, note, waving and blushing, etc.

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    • Anon543....sorry to hear that. Not sure why she would leave it anonymously. Maybe you shouldn't have asked with her friend present. I made names very clear on mine on who the receiver and giver is. No question there. I am pretty sure he knows I like him at this point, and I believe he feels the same about me...alot of long deep staring prior, etc...just hoping now enough to push him forward with this. Hopefully an opportunity will come up where we are alone to talk and see what happens.

    • Heh neither was i, oh well lesson learned. screw animosity. you guys work together or something? if so try to leave / arrive shen he's on his way out or in, great time. (may be hard to do, try going to the bathroom a few min after he does or something, chat in passing.)

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