My ex still kisses me but says he doesn't like me.

my ex and I just broke up a month ago and I still go to his house because of his little brothers and sister that I absolutely love,and when I don't plan on coming over he'll call me and ask if I am and if I say no he asks me to come.and when I go over when I'm going to his sisters room and he's in his he asks me to come in his and we lay in bed and cuddle and he always kisses me and when I ask him if he still has feelings for me he gets angry and in a way I think he does but he doesn't want to admit it because he knows he hurt me by cheating on me.i don't know;I'm confused.and the other night he said he'd go to homecoming with me and I really love him and he just thinks I'm obsessed but I'm not and I don't know what to do.i can't seem to keep myself away.


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  • I think what you should do instead of going to his place to see them, have them come to your house, and don't allow him to come with them. He is trying to have his cake and eat it too, which is not okay. He needs to either be with you, or not be with you. Simple as that.

  • omg.. sounds EXACTLY like my boyfriend...

    i think (they) are using us as saftey nets.. they want us to be there for them but they don't want the responsibility of a girlfriend... just my opinion..

    • Yeah I'm starting to think that too because I was just talking to him,and someone is trying to get us back together.but he said he likes being single and I said do you ever miss it at all and he said yeah.but I don't know what his problem is I can't wait forever.

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