What do I do about my ex when I still love him?

Me & my x partner were 2getha for 5yrz,we were madly in love,had a few bad arguments & somehow always ended up back 2getha again. We have a 9mnth old child & since our break up we have continued 2b friends & civilized 4th sake of our baby. We have Ben apart 4 a few months & have only seen each other once since we now live a few hours away from 1 another. We text & talked on a regular basis about everything until a few weeks ago when communication became very minimal only text bot 3tymz a week. Prior 2that I asked him about getting back 2gether & he replied that he'd like 2tak things slow but we needed 2tlk fac2fac which we hadn't. A week later I text saying I missed him & he replied that he missed us hard out 2,so I thought he really did want2 get back 2getha.a few days ago me & baby were staying 30mnz away from him & said he was most welcome 2visit but a few minutes later he replied with a text that was meant 4 sum1 else saying that he was sorry about last night etc.. & @ the end f every sentence was the words my love. I was so hurt that I said not 2tx me things that are 4 sum1 else & all he said was he was sorry & that he's moved on & that we couldn't start over again but I'm always on his mind. I was really confused with this text because he's played mind games like this b4 just 2gt me upset I don't no what 2 think or what 2 do but I no that I still want him. What do I do?


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  • Oh no you di'int

  • Wellz iz wuz talkz2him 4 4 minutz and say datz whack boopity boppity.


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