Is the Florence Nightingale effect real?

I've heard of the Florence Nightingale effect (like from the movie Back to the Future) and I'm wondering if what I've heard is true. Can girls develop feelings toward a guy by seeing him injured or in a hospital or something?


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  • I don't think this is true but funny story...

    There was a guy that was interested in me a while back and I wouldn't give him the time of day (he wasn't worth my time, I wasn't just being a jerk). One day out of nowhere he texts me telling me he had just been in a car accident and was at the hospital. Since I didn't believe him at first, he sent me a picture of himself lying in the hospital in a neck brace with a bloody face. I felt terrible! So I bought him 2 doughnuts to bring to the hospital (never could get inside longer story) but anyways point of the story is, I didn't develop any feelings for him but I sure felt really bad and cared a lot so I guess a girl can be affected by seeing an injured guy in the hospital!

    • Really cool perspective, thanks for sharing the story!

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  • not nessasarily. My best friend is a boy, I have seen him in the hosptial, beaten and bruised but I didn't develop feelings for him and I still have no feelings for him. I still love him, BUT ONLY AS A FRIEND

    on the other hand..

    if a girl has burried, hidden, or disclosed feelings for a guy, they might arrise when she see's him injured. She may have been trying to conceal these feelings or didn't realize she had them UNTIL she sees him hurt because she realizes how much she cares for him, and seeing him harmed is hard for her.


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  • After 3 different incidents it hasn't happened yet but I guess it could. never say never.


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