Should I go after this girl or let it go (just friends or not)...?

I'm at a point where I'm not sure if this girl likes me only as a friend or possibly something more.

I think she trusts me enough to talk about things in her life (This is something she stressed needs to happen for people to date her).

She asked me about a girl that I was trying to get over and how it happened.

She thinks I'm funny, caring, and a good guy.

Are there signs that I should try to show more initiative toward the situation?

Or signs that I should just let it go?


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  • read the "lets just be friends" story in my profile

  • If you like her let her know, flirt with her, create some tension see if she responds in kind, touch, tease, smile, be happy and fun to be around with, sounds like she trusts you and confides in you so that's a good start, try at least you will know and won't have to wonder..


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