Why doesn't he want to break this off? Does love ever arise from something like this?

I have been dating a guy for a month. I knew things were getting kind of hairy. Whenever I asked him to do something he was always working etc. Today I sent him a text asking "are you OK? If there is something we need to talk about?" He said that "he guessed he was OK. But our time together would be limited as he had to spend Saturdays and Sundays with his son and he also had to do something on the weekend the next two weeks. " He asked if we could try to work things out to see each other and leave things the same. Still communicate like normal, etc. I said I was fine with it. I really truly like this guy and he said that he knows we both want to spend more time together but right now it is limited. Could he just be wanting to slow things down a bit as we hit it off right at the beginning. Is he blowing me off? I do respect this guy and I want him to be happy as well as myself.

He asked to keep things the same and see how it plays out. There is a reason he doesn't want to break it off


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  • Everyone one is different, some guys like lots of attention and time other not so much or he could just be busy, maybe hang in their if you really like him, or if its a deal breaker move on


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