What would you do if your girlfriend or boyfriend stood you up?

what would you do if your girlfriend or boyfriend stood you up and they still haven't called or texted you in 4 days?

The reason why I ask is because I had this situation. Me and my girlfriend went out Thursday and the night went well until we got into an argument. Well the next day I text her saying I wanted to take her out and it was a surprise. She texted back asking what it was and I told her she will just have to find out tomorrow (sat) and that I will pick her up at 3 p.m and she said she was excited and couldn't wait. Well just before I was about to leave I called her (to tell her I'm on the way), no answer or reply then 15min later I text her and she still didn't reply. I would just go over there but I need a pass to get into her community. Well all continued to call and text her and she still didn't answer or reply. I haven't talked to her since Friday night and now its Tuesday. What would y'all do in this situation? Me, I'm about to break up with her because I feel this is disrespectful


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  • It is disrespectful unless she has a very good reason for her being absent which I doubt. Me being a girl if she's not answering her phone or returning texts she's ignoring you because she wants too unless her phone is suddenly broken. Let her message you than go from there.

    • But why ignore me, a simple no I don't want to go out or hey plans just came up would have worked just fine. Now with her not talking to me in 4 days if this is her way of breaking up then to hell with her I say lol, I have no time for childish acts

    • Why she would ignore you in girl terms there's a hidden meaning that she expects you to figure out yourself lol. She couldve said something but she didn't. Your tryna meet her halfway but she isn't budging. Moving on is a good idea

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