Should I tell my boyfriend I cheated on him?

Okay So Me And My Boyfriend Have Been Together For Over A Year And 2 Months. When We Were Together About 2 Months I Cheated On Him With One Of My Guy Friends. I Was Drunk And As Was He... It Didn't Mean Anything And Still Don't Mean Anything To This Day. Should I Tell Him About it Even Though This Might Cause Us To Break Up?


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  • your a terrible human lol it might mean nothing to you, but it means something to mean..infact a great deal lol

    ill be straight with you hear, if you tell him then theirs 80% chance he'll dump you.

    If you don't tell him and he finds out then theirs a 200% h'll dump your pretty much counting down the timer of your elationship. I Hatewhen people use the xcuse that they're drunk, knowon made you drunk but yourself, knowone opened your legs but you...people use alchol to feel less guilty about what they're doing.


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  • Honesty is the most important virtue in a relationship, any relationship; friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, marriage. So yes, and hope he cares for you enough to stay with you. Be prepared to talk about it if that's what he wants to do, or not talk about it if he doesn't.

    Also, just a tid bit, Not All Words Are Capitalized In A Sentence, Just Names, Formal Addresses, And The Beginning Of The Sentence. Thank You.

    • Yeah To Bad This is How I Type. Don't Like It Get Over It.

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    • Teenagers? No Hunny I'm 23

    • You're 23 and you can't admit to your boyfriend that you' ve cheated on him? You need to start taking some responsibility ESPECIALLY since you' re having a child. It's your mistake and you shouldn' t waste his time or yours on something that is unlikely to last.

      Good luck.

  • Your a dumb whore like most girls out there. Majority of girls cheat but they make excuses for it and call it another word. Oh I was drunk, oh he was never there for me, he was an asshole, etc. Just accept your slutty ways, let the guy know so he can throw you out like the piece of trash you are, and then go whore yourself out.

    • Excuse Me. Trashy... I Don't Think So. Whore? I Don't Think So. I'm About To Have His Baby. Fyck Off.

    • Lmao, you're a f***in idiot question asker. I don't care about the cheating thing, cause you're young and relationships don't mean sh*t when you're young, but you should man up and tell him so he can break up with you and you two can get on with your life. But the baby thing, that's just ridiculous. You're too young and stupid to be able to raise a baby competently, and you've been with him only a year and two months. Do the kid a favour and abort it instead of dooming it to a sh*t life.

  • God.. Girls like you are the reason why there are so many sexist guys out there.

  • grow up alrdy making excuses its your fault and you wanted to do it


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