Do I have a good reason to think he is cheating?

Okay.. This is the story - He works out of state anywhere between 5 - 10 weeks at a time and home for 2 weeks. He is on what you could say a military schedule. Which we both know all about.

When He left in June we split up and was trying to work things out. Well in July we got back together. Everything was good. Well He was able to come home August 23. He surprised me that night. He left Sept. 9 back to Arkansas. Sept. 10 he got word of his work schedule and was informed that he was going to do a store in Texas, then head along the gulf cost.

Sunday, Sept. 12 I went to post something on his facebook page and this girl we will call her AT wrote on his all -( Thanks for spending the weekend with me. I miss you already. Can't wait till you come home again.)

Well he was suppose to be in Texas yes but outside of Houston. She lives up by Amarillo, TX. I sent her a message and she told me that yes he was with her all weekend. She also was wondering why I kept texting and calling. I asked her if they slept together and she said that was her business and what happened in her house will stay in her house. Right there I got my answer. She said that she was sorry and she new all about me and and OUR son. I told her I new all about her too. Abbie was his first love and they have known each other for almost 25 years.

She stated that if I wanted to talk to her mom I could because she seen him that weekend and her kids.

I called our bank (joint account) to see about any debits. There was no hotel debits for Texas. Now there was one for Arkansas and two in Louisiana. I went onto her page and on August 23 - She writes (Looking forward to see where this might go) Remind you this is when he was on his way home (the date) Sept 5 - She writes ( Extremely Happy) So if she was still talking about him then he was texting her while he was home and letting her know when he was heading back to Arkansas. Sept. 10 - She writes (Lost my best friend today and ut sucks ass! heart broken to see him leave. hope he finds his happiness.) Remind you again that he left Sept. 9 heading back to Arkansas. Monday - She writes (so tired of guys bullsh*t! f***ing liers!) and Yesterday - She writes (guys if you lie long enough your gonna get busted.)

I asked him about it and he is denying it all. He is saying that this is why he blocked her from fb and deleted her as a friend. He was going on about how I don't believe him and he is tired of the bullsh*t. He doesn't want any part of what is going on if I keep talking to her. He also was saying that he is done, and sometimes wishes he was single.

The week of August 20 he was accusing me of cheating and that he had a source of the information. I pleaded my case and very offense of the allegations that was said about me. I kept asking him who said these false sayings and he would and still only will tell me that it doesn't matter or not to worry about.

I have a feeling he is cheating... is he?


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  • I was going to say that the Abbie girl could still love him and be making things up to make you jealous.

    But then there's no explanation for why he wasn't in the right part of texas.

    And accusing you of cheating? PLEASE.

    Get rid of him, he sounds pathetic. And there's no point continuing the relationship where he's away all the time now that you just can't trust him.

  • Um wow how could you not think he is?!?!?! I'm sorry to break it to you but you need to trust your personal instincts on this one. The main reason why a guy accuses a girl of cheating after she asks him if he his. Then he's the cheater.


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