I still love her and miss her. Please help me - ex girlfriend trouble!

I was seeing my ex girlfriend for almost 4months, and I saw her last sat everything was going okay until Sunday when she said that it was over between us to. Apparently she liked this guy and I said maybe you guys belong 2gether because he is all you think bout when were 2gther.

Well on Sunday he asked her to marry her and the only thing he dose not want her is to be bisexual anymore. We broke up because of him. I don't know if she still cares bout me or wants to be friends and see me. I told her that I was over the fact that we are over. But I still love her and miss her. We both still have each other stuff , but we both said to just keep it


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  • Don't get back with your ex. It will just end up into another break up and you'll get hurt again.


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