Tell her before it's too late?

Wondering if I should tell an ex if I still care about her, not trying to get back with her, just saying I still care about her. I'd rather just tell her now, before it's too late and I can't. Or should I just let it go? by the way we do still talk from time to time.

She is dating again, and I plan on making sure I do not get in the way of her relationship. Not my intention at all!


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  • Honestly what would you want to come from this? The relationship with your ex would just put a strain on any future relationship you or your ex has. Think about it, whens the last time you thought it was awesome your girl would talk to her ex she still "cared about". I'm not the jealous type but I'm not stupid either.

    I'm sure you still want to be friends but I would distance from her as much as possible. Its sad but its life. Makes everything simpler. I mean would you ruin something/complicate something in the future with a failed relationship from the past.

    Best of luck with what you decide. Just my .02

    • There is not much I'm hoping for to come out of this. She has another boyfriend, fine by me, I hope it works out for her, but I'm just want to let her know I still care about her as a friend, not anything more.

      I did try to create a distance, she simply got mad that I was trying that, so we keep in touch now. Really I just want to let her know that she still means something to me, before its to late and I know I would regret never telling her.

  • That could send the wrong singal, if you want to move on then move on don't be emotinally invested in the realtionship, otherwise you won't be able to get over her or move on...

    • It won't be a random message, we still talk as friends, and I'm sure we both know we're not trying to make something happen again. I'm already over her, but we both remain friends.

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