How to get her back? please help!

she was very very drunk/flirty with me this one night at a party, I was stupid and did not acknowledge so I didn't flirt back as much. thinking now I would have done things differently.

she might have lost interest since, how do I get her back?

anymore answers?


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  • My dear relax.

    If she was very very drunk *said with contempt* then odds are good she wasn't entirely aware of what she was doing anyway- and HAD you reacted to what she was doing you might be here instead wondering if you should have done whatever while she was too stupid drunk to know better.


    If you like this girl, try contacting her. You're not a kid anymore so try to act like an adult and communicate with her. Turn the tables of you not doing anything back to your advantage and make it seem like you did that on purpose to respect her in her slobbering state.

    • What she was doing wasn't for the first time, she's flirted sober.

      also that's exactly what I did, but I don't think she's aware that it was out of respect and that I wasn't going to take advantage of her in that state.

      thanks, I will try contact her more =) . lately she seems distant and does not talk to me much.

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