Can we get inactive users off the site?

can we get inactive users off the site. like make a certain rule about how long you can go without being on the site before the profile is removed? I'm tired of answering questions of people who haven't been on the site in over a month or so. cause they'll never see my answer, right? and they forgot to select best answer anyway so. the questions not even in "solved questions" section

so can we get inactive users off of here, please
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I kind of disagree and I could be over analyzing by my disagreement.But there are many questions that have been asked in the past and the QA's account no longer exists(they deleted it or it got deleted) and many people who can see the search engine box(apparently not too many) look through the previously asked Q's.

    I can kind of see what you mean to an extent,but I could just be over analyzing.

    I'm sure they'll take it into consideration.Perhaps you should contact them in the "Contact Us" link or "Click Here"

    • I agree with this, like. I've been digging through some ancient questions a few times, like, and some of them haven't posted since. Anyway, do we have a finished answer section anyway?

    • An unanswered section. yeah

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What Girls Said 3

  • Even if the question asker doesn't look at it other people do. Before I ask a question I always sift through the old ones to find my answers.

  • they might log in later on. at least you got your xper points

  • If you see that the question is old, than don't answer. Problem solved


What Guys Said 1

  • No. That would suck. Just answer recent questions. If people got booted for inactivity, then if someone left, I'd never been able to see people again. People DO come back to say hi and I like that. Plus what if I wanted to take a break from the site and then I came back but I got deleted? Wtf. Besides, the questions and answers stay even after the account is deleted so it wouldn't solve the problem anyway.


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