Ex still has a gift I gave her?

OK, so me and this girl I work in the same building with dated for a handful of months. After a while I realized it wasn't working, so I broke it off.

She has hastily moved on, and is dating other guys now, but I noticed she still has some gifts with sentimental value I gave her while we were together.

On her desk she still has the Beanie Baby Panda bear I gave her one time as an apology gift, and she still uses the iPhone case I gave her for her birthday that I literally custom-designed just for her on this website.

I don't see us getting back together, and we have talked since the breakup, and she agrees it won't work, but it makes me wonder... why would she keep things that definitely would remind her of me?

I always get rid of anything that reminds me of my ex...


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  • Nope. Don't look into it too much.

    Anything that is of use, I'll still keep. iPhone case is useful and I definitely wouldn't throw away a panda bear. That's just mean (to the bear).

    The sign you look for is if she keeps worthless stuff like pictures, letters, cards, cheap trinkets etc.


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  • You're lucky, that you didn't take it back or anything crazy like that! My ex, who I broke up with a few days before my birthday, had taken my 1400$ necklace he bought me 3 years prior to, and was putting a new chain on it, and when we broke up, and I couldn't locate it, I asked him, and he said that he gave it to his Mother...I loved that necklace, and wanted to have it TO remember him by. But w/e. I took his 1000$ pool stick I bought him a couple years before back. So, I win too...


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  • YOU always get rid of things that remind you of your ex but she is different! no human is the same bro.

    My ex or current girlfriend (dont know don't care long story lol) kept the ring I gave her 6 years ago when we dated in high school then after we broke up and got back together 6 years later she still had the ring and wore it.

  • all people react differently when it comes to coping with a breakup. past gifts from exs may make them feel better about themself after the breakup. the value of the gift just changes a little bit. there's no reason for you to really think anything of it


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