Three weeks no contact?

So it's nearly been 3 weeks no contact. He broke up with me saying that he can't do this anymore as our lives are heading in different directions right now and it had now become a full time LDR rather than us being close together while we're at uni as we've both now graduated. Anyway, I asked for no contact for a while so I could get over him and then 2 days ago I sent a text saying that I agree with his decision to break up and I'm fine with it now and that I hope his new job is going well. I haven't heard back, I know it's only been a few days but I've made it clear to him he's welcome in my life but is this his way of saying he doesn't want to be? We didn't break up on bad terms and he said he wasn't going to cut me out of his life but he also said he wants to end our relationship now so maybe when we're both settled down with jobs there will be a possibility of getting back together rather than hating each other if we stayed together and our relationship got bad. So maybe he was just saying that to soften the blow. Just curious what everyone thinks. I'm not going to contact him again unless he contact me.


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  • I don't really want to say this but I think it is over for you both. Once he has accepted the break up, which I think he has, even when you are both settled, I can't see it working out else he'd make his feelings clear. He probably said that he doesn't want to cut you out of his life because he does still care about you, but he doesn't want to be with you anymore. It hurts so much to say, but sometimes the truth hurts. I feel the same as you do though, I think I've lost the relationship with my boyfriend forever.

  • you told him you were fine with the breakup. there's nothing more left to say. just let it go


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